ANTM Cycle 17 - Ashlee Simpson

FCO Lisa (Credit The CW)
This week's episode of Top Model All-Stars came with Ty-Overs, Tantrums and.... Hot Dogs?

Branding was the major lesson this week, with the models being given a word from Martan Lindstorm describing their own personal brand. I laughed so much when it was polled that Angelea represented 'Cheap Shoes', just her face ahaha. The fab Miss J Alexander and guest judge Ashlee Simpson announced that the girls were going to get their Ty-Overs, working with their hair, skin, nails... practically everything and anything. And let me say Alexandria getting her hair cut and her 'happy cry' scared the bleep out of me!

For their photoshoot the models made their own 'Pink's Hot Dog' embodying their brand word. LisaBianca, Angelea and Allison excelled... while Bre, Sheena and Kayla were less than amazing. At panel Lisa got First Call Out, but left Sheena and Kayla were in the bottom 2 failing to meet the brief. It's my girl Sheena who is sent home.

Look below for the rest of the shots...

(Credit: The CW)