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Coconut Water is the latest 'it' trend, long gone are those multicoloured vitamin or nutrient waters. 
It's all about the Coconut Lovelies.

When I got the chance to review this new trend I thought why not see what all the fuss is about.
A fuss which seems to have a strong celebrity and model following from Miranda Kerr, Samantha Harris and Erin McNaught... to name a few.

Cocobella Coconut water comes in four flavours:

Straight Up (100% Coconut), Pineapple, Pink Guava & Mango

Cocobella Coconut Water (Credit: Cocobella)

With my review package I got one of each flavour to try. 
My favourite was Mango, it still had the taste of coconut water but with a hint of sweet Mango
Straight Up... well was a bit too straight up for my likings, whilst Pineapple and Pink Guava were nice but not as yummy as Mango.

What I love love love about the drink is that it isn't your uber sweet sticky drink nor your artificially coloured flavourless water with 'faux natural effects'. Coconut water is proven to be a natural super drink with 5 Electrolytes in each serving, it's great way to hydrate without those man made sports drinks.  

Cocobella Coconut Water will be a sure fire hit for the summer. 
Its a really cool refreshing drink, ideal on a hot summers day reading a magazine or soaking up some of that summer sun. 

You can find Cocobella Coconut Water at your local supermarkets