Style Diary - The London Look

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It's been a year since I packed and explored the beyond... or well Europe for that matter. 

I miss it a lot, though being at home I've been able to do some pretty cool things so its not all bad being home.  Especially my extended wardrobe. It was such a pain to pack for 6 months in Europe. I wanted to bring so many pieces but many were too big or just impractical for my travels.

I got this Leather Jacket from the Camberwell Market for $10 (Tres amazing bargain!) It's got these insane puffy sleeves, when rolled up give great texture to any look. This Union Jack sleeveless tee is from Zipia, it's a very gimmicky shirt; I don't wear it too often but I thought I'd pull it out for this occasion.

Vintage Leather Jacket / Zipia Sleeveless Tee / Bardot Skinny Waxed Jeans / Black Dr. Martens / Forever 21 Ring / H&M Ring

Finishing my look I wanted a sleek black look so I wore my waxed Bardot jeans and Dr Martens. I never wear my Dr Martens because I have narrow feet so they tend to make my feet look huge.

 I love love love having  the combination of a statement vintage piece with complementing and contemporary pieces you can get anywhere.