[T-B/L-R] Lunching + Goodbye long hair + Style Diary-ing + Staying up for the Burberry Show

Hola lovelies!

I had holidays last week... well at least I was supposed to.

Being swamped with homework and tasks I couldn't actually afford to anything on my week off. That and for two of my days off I had to take a short course.  I managed to get my hair did (probably the only the only accomplishment last week) a big chop, opting for a shorter style. Something new, something fresh. 

I spent a lot of my spare time trying to watch some Fashion Week shows. So I ended up staying up to the wee hours of the morning to watch say the Burberry show and catching up on other shows. A great part of my holidays.   

One more week then October! Cannot wait.

It angers me that we live in a world where people discriminate who we love. 
LOVE something which is natural and free, something that is uncontrollable.
A 14 year old boy took his life due to being bullied for being bisexual. 
We shouldn't have to apologize for being born this way.