[T-B/L-R] Crazy Stupid Bag + Belated Birthday Lexia with my Lovelies + Steve Carell + Swag

Hola lovelies!

So last week I came back to reality. Back to uni and work.

I got to go to the premiere of Crazy Stupid Love on Monday night. A pretty fun event, and it was at my favourite cinema the Rivoli in Camberwell. I must say it was weird having all of the media there and being dressed up for the movies, but cool nonetheless. Steve Carell was at the Premiere with the film's directors as well. The film was pretty good, Ryan Gosling was tres amazing! (too bad he wasn't there)
There some good laughs in the film and I got my own little goodie bag too!

I've been talking about changes with the blog, slowly but surely you'll see them. I've already done a few tweeks, some will be a bit more visible than others but nevertheless changes are coming. I get really bored with the same old look so I cannot wait for all the changes to happen. Keep your eyes peeled throughout this month lovelies!

I'm weird in the sense that I'm always changing, growing, liking new things and leaving other things behind.
I find the notion of being in a rut or a having strict routine well... scary. I like change, again some more drastic than others. From changing what I wear, do, and the like I'm a... chameleon??
It makes life and well my life fresh.