[T-B/L-R] Breakfast at Tiffany's and Vogue + My life in a nutshell + Rainbow + Churros 

It hit me last week that I have a month till I finish uni. 

One month. Uno montho... it seems short. By the end of October I'll be done with classes, then two exams in November and then BAM I'm done. I'm trying not to jinx my chances, Murphy's Law and all. But I'm excited.

Last week I got a hold of some of my long lost lovelies. Trying to keep up with uni and work I've been a bit slack but it was great to touch base with them. Discussing everything under the sun, it was great to update each other and helps me to gain some much needed perspective.

It's MARTANMain's 1 Year Anniversary! As you can see the blog is changing more and more, MARTAN Store will be online soon, I hope you all will enjoy!

Last week I thought about strength, not the physical muscular strength but more the internal. 
I think it's such a valuable commodity to be strong, as much as it's easy to give up forget sometimes being strong and working hard gets you places. Just saying Lovelies. Sometimes it's all about that second strength.