Style Diary - Summer of 55

It's nearly summer downunder!

I love love love warm weather, the sunshine and heat I find it hard to be sad on a sunny day. With the heat coming it's time for me to pack away the thick jackets and coats, opting for lighter jackets and lighter shades. I feel more inclined to want to walk around the soak up the sun... I must sound like some nut I'm beginning to realise... ah well.

Anywho for this look it's a more toned down 'basic chic' look. Trying to be simple I started with these light blue jeans, which I cut and ripped just to give them a bit of character. With jeans I like to collect every colour, and then different cuts and rips. 
I paired the jeans with a ripped Hanes tee and one of my many black blazers. This one is a thrifted David Lawrence blazer I got for $10, a steal! Being a casual look the blazer is very 'boyfriend' fitting being a tad too big, but perfect for the look. 
My shoes are vintage loafers which I got from a vintage store. They fit me perfectly and I'm in love love love with the leather tassels, it's such an old school shoe ah timeless.

Accessorizing I've got my 5 Preview '55' Necklace, Banane Birkin Tote and an oversized bolt that I wear as a ring.  Being well.. me I like to wear whatever I see and find. I found this bolt outside my house, a bit of antibacterial and BAM it's an oversized ring and I love love love it! 

This is a really basic look anyone can pull off. 
Blazer + Jeans + Tee + Killer Shoes and BAM 'Basic Chic'

David Lawrence Blazer + Hanes Ripped T-Shirt + Sportsgirl Jeans (I ripped) + Vintage Loafers + Banane Birkin