Ramen Ya-ing + Nightlife + Senso Love + Vegie Bar

Last Week I finished my last exam (fingers crossed) and I've had the taste of the free life... ish

Now it's the waiting game. Waiting for my results. Until then I'm having a break/working my butt off and having a break here and there.

I managed to focus some of my spare time on a social life, catching up with some of my lovelies, the wifey's and work mates. Spending countless hours sitting in a restaurant to sipping a good old G'n'T, fun times ahead.  

My Senso Diffusion shoes came in the mail. They are crazy tall, which if I were shorter would be fine. I'm still in love love love with them. I'm beginning to expand my love for shoes. Oh dear.

Two words. Black Friday. To some you'd think Dangerfield brand or a dark cloudy Friday. Add one other word: Sale and BAM Black Friday Sale. Needless to say I took advantage of these sales, much to the dismay of my Hong Kong saving fund. I cannot wait for my goodies to arrive!

I'm going to relax and take some time out. 
With no study I'm going to do a bit of work and some much needed me time. 
I love love love me some me time. Making random to-do lists, reorganizing and just well being me.