Midnight Breaking Dawn + Study + Sweet Tooth + More Study 

This time tomorrow I would have finished my last exam and fingers crossed I'll no longer be a student. I'm crossing my toes just for good luck. Studying has been a struggle, my mind has already graduated so it's hard to keep that focus on the books.

Last week I whilst trying to study I managed to still salvage a life. The lovelies and I went to the midnight screening of Breaking Dawn. Now firstly I'm not a twi-hard fan or fan in general, but it was good to see my girls. I've got to say Kristen Stewart is one pretty girl.

Next year I'm going to celebrate my 21st birthday in Hong Kong, in order to do that I'm beginning the most unnatural practice for me; saving up. I'm hoping that by saving my money I'll be able to spend it all whilst I'm in Hong Kong on all the pretty things in sight!

With my studies coming to an end I'm going to be focusing on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled on this space. Slight refinements and tweaks, nothing too radical I hope. MARTAN Pop Up Shop is going to close soon for the year, with only a few pieces left make sure you get yours before they're gone!

The future. It can be a very foggy place. 
As I'm closing one chapter, I'm still trying to choose the next.
With no guidelines to follow I'm deciding to simply follow what makes me happy and what I'm motivated to do. I've come to realize with this year that motivation is key to success.
My new mantra lovelies, Motivation is Key.
... I seem to have a lot of keys...