Style Diary - Cracked Leather

Take a look at this Vintage beauty!

I got this jacket from a Vintage Store from Camden Market whilst in London
Its such a statement piece with a strong black collar, shoulders and cuffs. The best part of this jacket is the 'cracked' leather detailing throughout. It's an abstract design which shows up really well with a bit of flash.
The jacket is very Michael Jackson 70/80's retro, that's probably another reason why I love love love it! 

Isn't this jacket tres amazing?
For this look I wanted the jacket to obviously be the statement, so I matched it with a grey singlet and my black skinny jeans (rolled up). Keeping the accessories to a minimum, I've got my black oxfords and a navy cuff. The jacket with it's structured shoulders adds weight to the look so the skinny jeans help to balance my proportions.

Vintage Leather Jacket + Nique Singlet + Black Skinny Jeans + Dunnes Oxfords + Gifted Cuff