Races + Coffee + Mamasita + The Bottom End

Last week was a rollercoaster of sorts. 

Attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011 was an interesting experience. Pre-Racing I was a crazy ball of nervousness and excitement. But getting to meet the FAB Miss J Alexander and having access to VIP areas was BAM amazing, something that I'll remember for a long while. I'm so proud that my blog is slowly widening it's scope. I'm still very in shock, but I'm very humbled and I'm enjoying every moment of it!

Working around the races.. literally  I managed to cram in some work hours, social time and then some time to contemplate on my studies... which now are in full swing with my first exam this Friday.
I still can't fully comprehend that my university life is over and I'm an adult or something like that. Still sounds weird in my mind.

The future is on my mind. I'm still trying to live day by day, week by week let alone plan for the big future ahead. I'm really excited for my next chapter, though how it begins I'm yet to decide..

I learnt to see the worth in myself and what I have last week. 
As humans we always want more, do more and have more but sometimes when you take a good look at what you've got, those other desires may not be that strong anymore. 
Sometimes we get too comfortable with our surroundings that we forget it's worth in our lives.