GH Disco + Food and Conversation + More Food + Exercise

So last week I my goal and title of my post was 'chilling' I thought I'd get some of that... I thought wrong

I managed to have a jam packed week, picking up hours from work, trying to see friends in between and trying for that much needed me time. I'm not going to lie it was tiring but I find that I'm at my best when I'm all go go go. This week will most likely be at the same pace which explains my lack of posts. 

I cannot believe it has already hit December. December! I must say I'm getting major nostalgia as this time last year I was in Ireland enjoying the winter and snow. Now that I'm back in Australia it is weird that I'm going to have a summer Christmas. I definitely prefer a White Christmas. It just seems to fit better with the holiday I think. 

So my plan in and amongst my busy schedule is to detox. I actually planned to begin this detox last week... but it didn't work. But now since me time and chilling are foreign concepts I plan to detox. Sensibly, no to the Alcohol, Junk and all. You know that stuff you crave but once you have it you instantly regret it/or you just fell sick? So yes. Detox.

  I have this weird belief that though we may only have one life there are many shorter stories within one big life. It's probably why I like to do so many things, changing it up every once and a while so that I can experience the most out of life. Sometimes it's nice to hold onto the familiar but at other times the thrill of the unknown is fun. It's all about working on the story you're in now, then moving onto the next.