Wishlist - The Sixth Senso

I've had my eyes on these Senso Diffusion Acacia Wedges from Solestuck

They look BAM amazing, cut out details, suede/leather combo, silver lining, a platform and a killer wedge. All that's missing are matching cup holders.
You know sometimes when you look at things online and they seem smaller?? Buy these was one of these moments. Not that I'm complaining but these bad boys are a massive 5 inches and have a steep foot drop... Nothing to Crazy cray.

I'm in love love love with them! Don't they look pretty?
I'm a sucker for a great wedge, they're comfy and they don't clip clop down the street.
They do fit true to size, so if you are planning to get a pair don't go for a bigger or smaller size. The BEST thing and one of my pet shoe critiques is that it fits to my ankle. I don't like when there is some random gap for my ankle to move around ..especially since I have skinny ankles these wedges get my ankle's seal of approval!

They do remind me of a basic Finsk wedge... one day I'll have my hands on one of those babies! But until then the Senso Diffusion Acacia Wedge will tie me over well.