Style Diary - Sloppy 55

I like a random mix of things. Vintage, Designer, DIY and the occasional no name basic
I've had these overall pants from Zipia. One of those purchases where I like what I see, not sure how I'll wear it but I buy it moments. They are really comfy, slim fitting with two thin strap overalls which button at the front. I actually kind of forgot that I had them until I did a bit of a wardrobe clean out. 

For this look I paired the pants with one of my sloppy sweaters. I actually got this oversized sweater from K-Mart; a very cheap find. It's one of those creature comfort pieces, normally for very casual days. I cut the neckline so that it is a deep and if I want it somewhat off the shoulder, just so I'm not swimming in it all. 
I like when my style mixes everything together, I think it gives it more personality and it gives me much more to play with!

I'm going for a casual everyday look so to speak. To give it some more well me, I added my new Senso Acacia Wedges (Read more of the Sixth Senso), 5 Preview '55' Necklace and my Topshop Envelope Clutch. 
In my mind this is something I'd wear on a creative day, maybe chuck on some geek glasses whilst running errands, going to a shoot (again fantasy world), it's my creative look. 

K-Mart Sweater + Zipia Overall Pant + Senso Diffusion Acacia Wedges + Topshop Envelope Clutch + 5 Preview '55' Necklace + Casio Watch