Pineapple Bun + Silver Jeans + Satsuki + CBD @ Night

My first week of 2012...

I have a funny belief that the first week of a year can map out how the year will be. 
Odd I know. And if so, my year will be Busy Busy Busy.

Still practicing the art of working and saving, I'm proud to say I officially have savings. 
Whether I still have any when I return from travels is another question I'm yet to ponder, but I have savings so I'm happy! 
I did shop... ONCE I swear... actually twice. I'm in the mood for shoes at the moment.
I'm continuing my wardrobe cull and a lot of my shoes got the boot, and for some reason I keep on finding GREAT shoe bargains which I cannot pass up. 
So when one shoe leaves the building another one turns up!

Being the New Year, new weekly arrangements were made. This led to a lot of going out with lovelies for Dinner, Shopping (strictly through windows) and some late night Karaoke showing off my finely tuned musical stylings. Though is it just me or do you cringe when you hear your voice being played back?
Because I do...

I still haven't really thought of any concrete plans for the year. I'm still waiting to be inspired.
I'm hoping that my trip to Hong Kong will inject some much needed motivation into my future path.

Time effects everyone differently. 
Sometimes it takes longer for others to do things, for things to happen, to reach the point of realization.
In general, time works in such weird and at times wonderful ways that sometimes practicing the art of Patience is needed. 
I learnt last week that Patience is key. 
That as much as I want to control, get or know things, sometimes the timing isn't right and sometimes it just takes a bit of patience to get there.