Lady GayGay + Half Shatter Nails + Unpacking + Tags Galore

Last week was all about being home, unpacking and unwinding. It's annoying that even though I was just in Hong Kong I seem to be a tad jet lagged, meaning I'm still up till around 4am-ish and I wake up at 1pm. I'm slowly trying to get my clock back into shape... slowly. It's a delicate process. Being back naturally came with a lot of catch ups over coffee, food and movies. I got to see Deathproof and A few Best Men.. I'm not dying to buy either any of them on DVD, but it was fun to see them with a group of friends, laughing at the randomness or shielding my eyes from seeing limbs fly left right and center.

Now that I'm back it's kind of a waiting game. Approval for Graduation, then the sky's the limit. I'm contemplating moving, new jobs all and more. Fingers crossed I choose something interesting and new. I thin I'm ready for something new. And the Blog will be the first place to see all of these updates!

It's time to set new Expectations. 
Leaving others behind in the hope for bigger and brighter ones ahead.
Sometimes things don't grow or turn out how we want them to. 
It doesn't mean that we stop hoping and expecting, we just simply re-position and try again.