Casual Tribal Print + Coffees + Trippen Love + Bar-ness

Less than One week and then I'm off to Hong Kong!

This Thursday will mark a year since I've been in Australia, weird feeling much? Now I can no longer state that I was 'just back' from travels. Ah well. Luckily by Sunday I'll be on a plane! 

In the past week I've been toning down the working and up-ing coffees dates, lunch dates and a bit of dancing. Enjoying the last bits of summer while it's here.

Chinese New Year came along with red packet galore. It's never a crazy event, but its nice to just be around family for an occasion, and if there is a red pocket with money well it just makes it better!

It is also a week till my 21st Birthday. I'm never the one for big birthday celebrations and the like. 
Though it does give me a great excuse to buy myself many a presents. 
I shall be shopping till I drop on my birthday!

Knowing... It's hard to well... Know.
This year I am in the pursuit of Concrete; the Facts.
Sometimes Knowing doesn't necessarily mean that what you Know will be what you want. 
But the Facts are Facts, no grey what so ever.