[L-R/T-B] MARTANMain on iPad 3 + MARTAN @ The Wearer's Right + LMFF 2012 + Mini MINI Burgers

After a busy few weeks it's nice to slow down and have time to blog leisurely.

Attending LMFF 2012 was a fun experience, this was the first year MARTAN Main was accredited Media. I got to meet fellow bloggers, designers and media interests which was great to just chat about blogging, fashion and the like. I must say a definite highlight of the week was the Graduate Showcase and Runway, meeting and seeing all the new Australian design talent pumping fresh ideas and designs into the industry. 

It has been pretty non-stop since. Going back to work full time, working hard for that money. Though I'm feeling a few new changes in the pipes, changes that I will share in due time. Being that person who likes to change and do everything I'm feeling brave enough for something new. I'm planning new things for the blog and maybe another MARTAN Store range. Fingers crossed. 

I've done a bit of naughty online shopping, even though I really should be saving more for travel and moving out. I seem to be really expanding my shoe fetish, it's insane. I should really do a post on my vast Shoe Collection. It's pretty epic from Heels, Dress Shoes, Sandals, Oh My!. I feel like the Male Carrie Bradshaw in that sense. I'll be the 'guy who lives with his shoes'... hopefully by then I will have my Mr Big and my a really BIG wardrobe.. ah the dream...

Sometimes it takes someone or something to show you another angle or possibility that the sky is the limit. That what you want to do, or become is achievable and is supported. In your own little comfort zone it's hard to sometimes venture out into the fresh and new. That fear of failure and rejection can force us to keep in this safe zone. I have the ambition to try new things and try and cut out my own piece of the world.