LMFF 2012 - National Graduate Showcase Part 3

Here is Part 3 of my LMFF 2012 National Graduate Showcase Designer Profiles
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Rica Hardian


RMIT Graduate Rica Hardian took on the common inspiration 'Origami' with a twist. She created interesting folded designs and then coupled them with a high vibrant palette and zig zag print. I love love love the bold combination. The solid fluorescent yellow and blue pieces help to break up the zig zag.

Sally Edwards

'Boys and Girls are Choice'

Queensland Designer Sally Edwards took her love for Tartan as her theme for her 'Boys and Girls are Choice' Collection. She sourced fabrics from Texas and Scotland, leading her Collection to have Classic Red, Purple and Orange and my favourite this Bright Yellow Tartan. To break up the heavy print, she used a range of fabrics in each look.

Stephanie McPherson


Stephanie McPherson featured digital prints of shattered glass for her 'Fragments' Collection. She look photos of broken glass and printed them on white fabric. The result is a crisp clean collection with a light palette of Green, White and Greys. Love love loving her shattered black glass pants.

Tayler Ainley


Aviation was the inspiration for Perth Designer Tayler Ainley's Collection. She dyed plastic in blue and oranges for her looks as well as experimenting with sheers. Furthering her aviation idea she even made one of her looks part machine (to be seen on the runway). Love love loving the dyed plastic it's great to see new materials as well as her oversized tops.

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