Nuffnang Gift + Style Diary-ing + TSEN Love love love + My Life on a Bus

Last week was all about expansion and refinement

Easter long weekend equaled work for me. Though I'm not complaining, great hours and great pay
I managed to salvaged two days off, so I got all domesticated. You know, cooking, cleaning and the like. I tired to even maintain a social life. Busy Busy. I've also begun sketching and mood boarding. I'm excited to get all creative again. I'm taking my time with this little project.I really want to start getting thing rolling. But good things take time. Stay Tuned!

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia at the end of this month I cannot wait! I've slowly been cultivating a new wardrobe for the occasion. Having already decided to focus on quality over quantity my wardrobe is slowly filling up with great pieces ready for the week and my Style Diary. Speaking of great pieces, I got my hands on one of those TSEN Capes mentioned in my previous diary post. Just in time for winter. 

The classic saying 'actions speak louder than words' well it's true. 
Its easy to simply think or write what we want to do. It's that much harder to convert those words and the like into actions. Sometimes its the fear of the action being rejection, misinterpreted or both.
At the end of the day its better to do and have actions than just having well... words.