ZSADAR MBFWA Invite + Sass & Beard? + Carlton Club + TSEN Cape 

Sick, Shop and New Spikes!

I got sick last week... A great highlight of my week (note the HUGE note sarcasm). Not letting that phase me too much... and with the help my friends Limsip and Codral I got on with my week. Fuzzy head and blocked nose and all. Sounds tres attractive much?

I got my shop on this week. I've reframed myself from shoe shopping (for the moment). Though I'm totally crushing on these Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges. They are colourful and fun, and they would be the closest thing to sportswear I'm interested in... I shall not be tempted... I did take my new Black and Gold Unif Hellraisers out for a spin. In love love love I am
I'm actually getting a tad necklace happy. I'm very into the 'Shirt and Statement Necklace' look, so majority of my expenditure has been on accessories. Looks to come!

One more week (and a bit) till Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia! I'm slowly getting invited to shows and showrooms, pretty cool. Insanely gutted that Dion Lee and Josh Goot aren't showing. But I'm still excited for the shows, and just to relax it up in Sydney. 

Random Sidebar. Love love loving 'Don't trust the B**** in Apartment 23'

Whether its in people, products or the system of life; its a game of trial and error.
At times there is 0% chance of failure, and at others the chance to crash and burn is high.
Last week was all about attempting that risk, trusting and all. It's a double edged sword.
Better to trust than not.