MARTAN Main 2.0 + Dion Lee Warehouse Sale + Emerging Melbourne + Vogue Homme Japan

One more week then I'm off to Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. I'm still in the process of finalizing some details and am yet to pack (that'll take me a while) but nevertheless I cannot wait! I've got my fingers crossed that the weather will turn out fine, I've planned some fun looks so I hope the sun is out and the rain is well in Melbourne. Be sure to watch this space. I'll be on post overload with coverage and tweeting on the MARTANMain Twitter.

I ventured out of the Bedroom and onto the Streets for my Style Diary Shoots. Hopefully I can keep it up, and learn to be comfortable getting shot in public. I'm excited to take shots in my favourite parts of Melbourne. So stay tuned for of MARTAN in Melbourne, heck you might even see me on the streets trying to pose and not laugh!

Focused on trying to balance last week, with full time work I tried to salvage a Social/Melbourne life. On my day off I managed to go to the Dion Lee Warehouse Sale. Its the first time they've had a sale in Melbourne so I was eager to snap up a bargain and expand my small Dion Lee collection. I also went to the Emerging Melbourne event hosted by Fjorde Magazine in Melbourne Central. It was a fun night with 'semi healthy' Cute Cupcakes, Fashion and Friends.

Check out my Week in photos below!

In the quest to be understood and taken seriously we often wish to be older.
Though once we reach that stage of Adulthood and free choice, sometimes the responsibility is overwhelming.
It's that classic case of we want what we can't have.
Last week I met a group of girls which reminded me of youth.
 Being young, carefree, living life and doing things for the sake of happiness. 
It made me have hope for the youth in a world of technology, mass markets and social networks, but also gave me some perspective and the notion 'to be young'. 
Live Life, focus on the Fun and Happiness.