I'm officially finished with my MBFWA 2012 Posts. Phew...!

I still cannot believe that I actually went to Sydney, attended Runway Shows, Saw/Met Bloggers whom I read and aspire to be as successful like; it was surreal for this small Melbourne Blogger. I'm glad to know that I am apart of a big and fun group of crazy outfit wearing, loitering and style hunting Bloggers. Its also helped me to carve out a path for the Blog, which is in the direction of Menswear. Dare I say there aren't many Menswear Personal Style Bloggers in Australia... let alone in the world. So I join a much smaller niche group. Exciting stuff though! I can start to put my ideas/projects together. And fingers crossed by the next fashion week you'll see more of me! I feel that I've bombarded my MBFWA Photos with all of my posts so I thought I'd share some random mobile shots, instagrams and MARTAN featured on Website/Street Style Posts. A MAJOR highlight was seeing myself on GQ Australia's website. ME! A Guy who does not dress 'conservatively male' and I'm on GQ (I'm dancing as we speak with joy

To finish my post check out a little video I've made with random clips from the week shot by Myself,
Connie and Jess

It's my new go-to-word to describe myself, my looks and other people who are well BRIGHT. I prefer the word BRIGHT over words like 'Intimidating' or 'Weird'. I am BRIGHT meaning that I am Seen, I'm not everyone's cup of tea but nevertheless I'm BRIGHT. I've struggled to define it for sometime. It was only with the help of a fellow BRIGHT lovely did I realise how relevant the term BRIGHT is. For me it's all about not being afraid to BRIGHT, to staying true to yourself.