Last week was a combination of Food, BIG drinks (literally), Work and some Shopping here and there. Having finally finished my MBFWA 2012 Posts I can now sit back and relax and focus on a new wave of content. With MARTAN Main moving into Menswear look forward to seeing Designer Interviews and Showroom Access Posts coming in the next weeks!

I quit my Job. (Queue gasps and shocked faces)... well I gave my two weeks notice so by the start of June I will be a Free and Unemployment Man (Queue gasps and shocked faces). A part of me is freaked out whilst another part is eager to see what happens next. A new chapter. Being a crazy workaholic it will be interesting to see how long I last unemployed. I'm happy to have the time off to redirect and focus my paths towards Fashion and Menswear. I'll probably have pour my time into blogging, so apologies in advance for excess posts.

I'm in the mood for change, new beginnings; growth. To me that's what life is all about. As comfortable as life can get I'm just one of those people who will randomly switch it up, make that bold move and start from scratch. The fear of not knowing what the future holds. That push to make me reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Heck that's how this blog came about. And it has been a pretty fun challenge. I'm looking for more.