Last week I decided to focus on... well my Career. What I'm doing. What I want do to. Who I want to be... and How the Heck I'm going to get there. It sounds like a simple thing.. thinking. That process where I decide what I'll wake up in the morning and make my money for. And I seem to always be at this thinking stage. Though I'm proud to say that I'm on track, refining my thoughts into career goals. I sound all Adult... it's very interesting and somewhat empowering

On Thursday I went to the Official Launch of Shu, a FAB new Modern Chinese Restaurant. I love love love the design of the Restaurant, a mix of minimal and industrial. I'd been to Shu in March for the TSEN A/W 2012 Collection Launch, but this time it was all about the food! Guests were treated to a sampling of Shu's fresh and flavorsome Menu as well as flowing Laurent Perrier Champagne. Safe to say it was a fun night. Be sure to visit Shu HERE

I managed to grab time to hang out with friends, lunching, photoshooting, shopping and having a some yummy waffles. I cannot wait for my free time to kick in. Spending time and catching up with friends. I'll soon bore them to death with my fully available schedule and lack there of funds but it'll be a fun change of pace.

This week is my last week of employment. I'm still somewhat 'meh' about it all. I'm that guy who gets more emotional when people leave opposed to when I leave. I guess I'll have the 'oh my god I'm leaving' rush in the last minutes of my last shift... here's hoping.

Why is it that when dreaming everything seems possible? Things happen? Insecurities and Inhibitions don't exist. How is it so simple Once we close our eyes? Is there a way to make those Insecurities and Inhibitions at bay when our Eyes are open? I plan to Dream BIG. I may not be able to eliminate my insecurities or inhibitions or have it easy 24/7, but I still want to get to my goals in reality. Hard work and persistence... chuck in some fun along the way too. Dream BIG Lovelies!