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I am on a roll at the moment. Having knuckled down the art of applying for jobs (and consequentially waiting for a response) I am keeping myself busy planning more and more projects to by the time. Plenty of DIY, Shop and Interview Projects with photos all to come. I've finally joined Instagram: @MARTANMain. I'm still getting a hang of it all (it will be so much easier when I get an iPhone) But I could not wait to add borders, sepia and filters to my lackluster photos. Who said you can't polish a photographic turd?

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises. I might just leave it at that. It was a good movie. Not my favourite out of the series however Anne Hathway as Catwoman.... she was one slick woman. On Thursday I went to the Kings Of Carnaby Brunswick Store Launch. A new pair of Sequin Shoes coupled with Melbourne's unpredictable weather, I somehow managed to survive the night (and so did the shoes).

Sidebar | SHOP will be online this week. It has been a while. Once August hits you'll see what I've been working on.

I'm holding out for a chance. A Moment, an Opportunity. 
As an Aquarius this is a hard task. Holding out that is. Waiting.
I want to use my ambition and work to my strengths.
I just need the chance.

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