Reading | Call Me By Your Name & Elle UK
Watching | The Amazing Spiderman & Latter Days 
Shopping | Christopher KaneJeffery Campbell & Acne

Last week I put myself to work, publishing some my projects (showing that I don't just sleep) and working on more. This week I'll be sharing more and Shop MARTAN will be back very soon! Also check out the Blog layout, some slight tweaks, bigger, bolder just for kicks. I'm on the job hunt at the moment. I think I'm ready to get back into a work routine,and ready to get some cash into the piggy bank. We'll see how that goes. Having seen the first three Spiderman movies I got dragged to see The Amazing Spiderman. I wasn't too eager to see it, but I've got to say I enjoyed it. Funny and Action packed without any dry 'how long is this movie going for' bits. Speaking of movies I cannot WAIT for The Dark Knight Rises and Magic Mike in the coming weeks. 

I had a fascination with gold last week. Yellow and Rose. I managed to snag a plated belt and a thick choker. There's something about crisp metal. I would have preferred it all in gunmetal, ah well. I'm liking minimal/clinical. Not that I have many minimal/clinical pieces...yet. We'll see. 


Last week I spent discovering, looking and determining who inspires me.
Watching interviews, reading up on biographies. 
Not that I really fixate or look up to particular people.
Its nice to find out what drives people, how they achieve their goals.
Inspiring myself.