Eating - Cake, Sundaes & Bagels
Watching - Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, Classic X-Men & Ugly Betty
Listening - British: Little Mix, Katy Perry & Leona Lewis

Last week was all about getting back on the horse, the double edge sword about time off that you can get lost in the luxury of it all. Having many projects up my sleeve planned, some DIY, some 'shop orientated' and some 'stylish' I'll be posting the results showing you all what I've been up to in between catch-ups, movies and sleep (which I'm becoming too fond of now, as opposed to being deficient) Speaking of the Movies I went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D. It was interesting to see her rise to fame, behind the scenes touring and end of her marriage. The end of the marriage part really made me want to hug her... sad times for Katy. 

With no work I never really venture into the city (as opposed to being there 6-7 days a week) Last week I did go into the City, walking around the different areas. Swooning at the architecture, dreaming about my dream studio loft. Looking Up in general. Melbourne though small still has this unique sense of charm packed and hidden throughout. Maybe I'll soon graduate to taking shots in the city.... maybe.

HAIR WATCH - I swear I've spent the majority of the week wearing a shower cap full of Hair Dye or Toner. I have results though which is the most important. I'm gradually making it to Platinum/White Status, whilst balancing that fine line between alive and dead hair. I still get freaked out that one day my hair is just going to fall off my head...(touches wood, crosses fingers) Stay tuned for my next Style Diary to see how my hair is.

We can choose our paths in life. 
Though the lessons we go through when following those paths aren't an option.
I'm beginning to realise that though some lessons end without happiness or hope, you have to roll with it to get to your goal.
Perspective towards these lessons helps.
The promise that something else soon