Eating - Macaroons, Sushi & Vegie Bar-ing
Shopping - Topshop, GaGa Swag & Hair Dye Galore
Watching - Lady GaGa, Snow White and the Huntsman, Funny Face & Breakfast at Tiffany's

I'm beginning to feel that my weeks are getting a tad beige. Anywho last week was all about GaGa, Change and Catch-ups. Most notably of course was my change from Black to Blonde hair. I'm still not really used to it. As lame as it may sound, styling looks is a lot harder being Blonde. Thus I'm opting for black looks until I get a hold of it. I'm in the process of turning my Blonde into White/Platinum which I think will be fun to style. So until then...

On Thursday I went to the Born This Way Ball. I thought I'd go all Rick Genest (Zombie Boy from the Born This Way Music Video) It was a rush job but I was happy with my ghoulish face, it got a lot of stares. I also raised an eyebrow for dramatic effect. The concert itself was amazing, GaGa in my opinion is tres amazing. Costumes, Scenery, Music, its all there. She even sang and danced in front of me.. in the standing area...I swear we had a moment. (Lady GaGa and a weird looking Skeleton Man) I picked up some GaGa swag too! A T-Shirt (which I always end up cutting into a loose tank) and a GaGa lunchbox (which will become my new camera box). 

Random Note - I'm a Cat person. Don't get me wrong I still like dogs and fish and pet alike, but I find that I get a long with cats well. Not that I own one. Though I have been around friend's Cat's and I like it. I admire their independence. I also really like Egyptian Cats, so that might have something to do with it too. I'm seeing my future full of Cats... yes I think I'll be that Cat Man. Friend of the Cat Lady. Probably with more Cats though... I would like a Cat. I'll probably name it Cat like in Breakfast at Tiffany's... or maybe Fred.

The food to My Fire, My Being; My Core.
Last week I realized and acknowledged that I'd lost my passion... my flame, I'd gone off track.
Now refocused I'm back on track. Pursuing my Passions
Not looking back on what was, what could have...
Carving out what will be out of the Future