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My Sabbatical, Leave, Time-off, Break has officially ended... Well it ended last week to be exact. I am now fully employed. In the space of two weeks after interviews and that consequential waiting period by the phone waiting for that unknown phone number tell you that you got the job, I am now back on the payroll. I've got to say its good to be working again, the promise of an income and just being busy day to day is refreshing. Not going to lie, I do miss the late sleep ins. Though the promise of shopping... hmm

On the side of work I am trying to get into Styling. Slowly but surely, I'm excited to put ideas I normally save for my Style Diary and use them to construct an image for another. I can't wait to post what I'm doing soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! I've still also have a lot of side projects on the back burner still to come as well! Hopefully I can juggle it all and produce some interesting things. Busy times ahead.

I live by many sayings or quotes. Some my own, some from others.
At the moment its my own.
"Chase Happiness, Chase Dreams, Chase Reality
I find it rings true that in order to find true happiness you have to follow your goals and dreams, so that your reality is what you desire. 
Sounds very bumper sticker, I know though we all have to have something to keep us going. 
Challenging us to want more, trust your instinct and simply Chase it all.

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