I first heard of INJURY leading up to MBFWA. I got to see the Spring/Summer 2013 'Underneath' Collection both on the Runway and up close and personal at their Showroom in Sydney. INJURY combines strong prints, cut outs and textures together to make a strong aesthetic in both Womens and Menswear. Check out my interview with INJURY's designer Eugene. Read what inspires him, thoughts on Menswear and his current collection.

MARTAN: How did you get into Designing?
Eugene: I studied Architecture at university, that’s where I start looking at design seriously.

What do you prefer to Design? Menswear or Womenswear? And why?
Eugene: Frankly there are no preferences; we love to design both menswear and womenswear together as they have different challenges and at the same time different advantages. We will take different approaches to menswear & womenswear but at the same time keep both collections under the same roof that depict the same concept & message every season.

MARTAN: Describe your label? What sets it aside from other Menswear labels?
Eugene: We used to think of INJURY as “The fashion soundtrack to an enigmatic movie.” Injury is all about mysterious theme, futuristic color palettes and re-designed tailoring. We create lots of seasonal graphic prints and we also push the borderline of menswear/ unisex pieces, I think that’s sets us aside from other Menswear label.

MARTAN: What inspires you? Where do you look for your inspiration? 
Eugene: Every collection is kind of different, inspiration really do comes from everywhere, but I usually look for inspirations from movies, still images, the kind of music I’ve been listening to at that moment and people on the streets, people at events etc.

MARTAN: What are your label's Key signatures?
Eugene: Seasonal graphic prints with a sense of ambiguity, Androgrnous & Unisex pieces, Twisted tailored item

MARTAN: What designers do you look up to?
Eugene: I actually don’t spend lots of time study fashion designers; instead I spend more time looking at architects such as Tado Ando and movie directors’ work such as David Lynch.

MARTAN: What are your thoughts on Australian Mens Fashion?
Eugene: I think Australian Mens Fashion is getting more minimal than ever in terms of details and silhouettes.

MARTAN: What's next for you and your label? Where do you see yourself in 2-3 Years time?
Eugene: We are planning to be involved in more cross-media projects with INJURY. We’d like to see ourselves working with designers from different fields from anywhere.

MARTAN: Finally define your label in Three Words
Eugene: Amorphous, Futuristic and Grotesque 

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