Hanes T-Shirt (Sleeves Cut) + Zara Trousers + The Damned 'Ving' Boot + Sass and Bide 'Mark My Tusk' Neckpiece + Vintage Clutch + Tissot Watch

Minimal. Simple. Basic. No matter what word you use that's how my style is changing at the moment. I fall in love with flattering cuts and textured material, all of those details that you wouldn't really notice visually but when you wear them, boy do you. I practically lived in these trousers and t-shirt combo for a week (fashion no-no) but when I piece a look together I love I wear till I don't anymore. Its just a relaxed look, loose trousers and a t-shirt which I cut the sleeves off. I save the style pop for my accessories, in this case a strong neckpiece and solid shoes and bag. Simplicity at it's best I say.

(Photos: Krystal)

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