Stussy Shirt + K-Mart Sweater (DIY Cut) + Cheap Monday Denim + Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges + Acne Resin Sunglasses + MARTAN 'Slice' Collar +  Black Beanie + Silver Septum

On the rare occasion where I don't feel like being too bold or BRIGHT, I opt for a more comfortable Hobo Chic let's say. Soft Jersey, Layers Galore and a Beanie to hide the bedhair. Sometimes you simply need something oversized and compfy to get you through a long day. I swear over the summer I have lived in this sweater. $10 or less from K-Mart I simply re-cut a new neckline and wah-lah. Adding a bit of Luxe to my look with some Sneaker Wedges, Sunglasses and sharp Slice Collar. Again... I do Hobo...occasionally

Photos: MARTAN

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