Givenchy 'Shark Jaw' T-Shirt + Nique Shorts + Aldo Clutch + Unif 'Hellraisers' + Black Septum

Exceptions can always be made for special reasons/occasions/designs. For instance I loathe printed T-shirts, don't get me wrong there was a phase when I was obsessed but like any Teen... but like Pokemon and Power Rangers I soon got over them and moved on to the plain and well cut T-Shirt. Exception. I have had this Givenchy 'Shark Jaw' T-Shirt on many of my WANTED lists for many reasons. Firstly the print itself is amazing, and I also love the oversized football jersey look to it... I am not going to lie I could go on and on... Needlessness to say it became an early Birthday Present of sorts. Good Exception for my 22nd Birthday no?

photos: Michael

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