MBFWA 2013 #5

My last day of MBFWA... Runways, Front Row opposite Christine Centenera (note the sneaky shot.. I had too), A Fishy Baroque and Sunshine.. and Yogurberry! (I thought I would add something new to the mix) It has been officially a month since Fashion Week and how the time has flown. I still remember coming back from MBFWA last year and how I was super charged for what I could do with this blog and furthermore with my life (deep thoughts ahead). I chose a blogging direction and I ran with it. And once again I from this one week I take another step towards refinement. 

I am not going to explain too much as like myself, the blog is always a work is progress. Changing like the Free Spirit I am. I am simply excited for new things, experiences and of course clothes and accessories. Having a blog to me is always about exploring options and having fun... that and obviously sharing the hits and misses along the way. 
Back to business.

 E L E V A T E

photos: MARTAN

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