Katie Eary Baroque Sweater + Topshop Pleather Pants 
Alexander Wang 'Diego' Bucket Bag + Unif Hellraisers
Asos High Shine Cap + Acne Sunglasses + Asos Rings

I am not a fan of Fish. The Taste, the Smell... Slimey things. 

That being said, chuck a Fish into a Golden Garoque Print and I'm sold. I scored this sweater from Katie Eary's Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It is hard to sometimes find great Menswear pieces off the runway, luckily I stumbled across this baby on Mr Porter... you know just doing a but of online window shopping. I love the Luxe Baroque and for some reason I seem to be gravitating towards Sweaters this season. Well sized and no frills. That and who does like to doesn't like to sleep in a nice warm Sweater?! Mine just seem to have large prints on them...

photos: Connie

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