Sweater: Anerkjendt |  Denim: Cheap Monday  |  Boots: Zipia (similar)  |  Snapback: Flexi Fit  |  Ring: Hardware Store Nut (similar)  |  Tusks: Givenchy  

This year I had this idea to fill my wardrobe full of rich colours, enough to interchange with my black and white wardrobe staples. For me it is all about choosing the right colours to suit. Whether it be Pop, Neon or Pastels... as much as I would like a rainbow I am a tad bit realistic with my Wardrobe Rainbow. My current Rainbow consists of Greens, Chambray, Navy, Hints of Red and now Orange. Merging both my current love for Sweaters with Colour what's more versatile than a classic coloured sweater? Perfect for a busy day outside or lazy day in Bed... Either or really.

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