Jacket: Amelia Hermawan  |  Crop Top: Zara  |  Trousers: H&M  |  Sunglasses: Topshop  |  Shoes: Medium Raw  |  Clutch: Ishka  |  Rings: Sportsgirl 

I am making the most of my time... or at least starting to allocate more of it towards new and exciting things. I tend to get these weird 'light-bulb' moments where all of a sudden I conceptualize an idea and I simply run with it. This is one of those moments. Being all 'free spirited', chasing that happiness that is conveniently tattooed to my wrist opposite my other tattoo L I V E.   
Still in a 90's Funk I ventured into unknown territory with a crop top. Givenchy made crop sweaters a trending silhouette, though at the time I wasn't financially stable enough to grab one of those babies... but fast forward a few seasons and the crop top era is among us. Never being one to shy any from new and different cuts I got myself a relatively warm and cheap top to try my luck. Definitely for one of the my healthy days on the calendar but the crop is fun. Obviously layering is an option, though this time I just lived a little... that and I had my new killer faux feather/fur jacket.

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