Sweater: AQAQ  |  Pants: Zara (similar)  |  Creepers: Balenciaga  |  Clutch: Alexander Wang  |  Sunglasses: Topshop  |  Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Whilst preparing my wardrobe for a massive overhaul I still managed to find some new and shiny pieces to add into it before my great cull. There are times where I can be a sucker for something new and shiny. The thrill of something with bright lustre against the light brings much needed life to my wardrobe... removing that common 'full wardrobe, nothing to wear' moment. 

The moment I saw this AQAQ Sweater on Instagram I was a Mad Man trying to track down Who, What, Where and Wear. That's what I love about social media.. you could simply be lying in bed passing time on Instagram and then it becomes an manic race to find out whether you can get that killer sweater that visually charged you back to life... technology and fashion does wonders to my brain at times. That and my new creepers. I love a good bit of solid hardware, and having passed on purchasing these babies a few seasons ago I snapped up the chance to bag me a pair before they become an archive forever. Getting rid of the old and in with the new and shiny. 

photos: krystal

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