Boilersuit: Saxony  |  Shirt: DIY/ASOS  |  Belt: Cotton On  |   Boots: Zara  |  Sunglasses: Ksubi

I have taken time off. I had one of those 'Eat, Pray, Love' moments.. when the world gives you a sign, you simply run with it... and I have. All the way to humid Malaysia. Nothing but a suitcase of Shorts, Tees and collection of Shoes to keep me occupied for Two Weeks. Sometimes One just needs some time out, to gather, refocus and to then relaunch into the thick of it again. What am I doing on this break besides eating large amounts of tropical fruit and indulging in some much needed Vitamin C? I am also going through all of my Style Diary entries. 

I began to name my outfit posts 'Style Diaries' as it is exactly what they are. A visual representation of myself at a point in time.  It is a great way to keep note of do's and don'ts for the future. Even though I am going through a massive Wardrobe clean out I am holding onto some special pieces. They may not being the most expensive or quality item, but they are pieces that I find comfort and ease when piecing a look together. That's what my style has become of recent, more refined and relaxed. Nothing screams ease like a Boilersuit. A fancy onesie one would say, and with a shirt on top it just adds that little bit more to a look. 

Two Weeks of Fruit, Editing and Sun.   


photos: krystal

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