Jacket: JUUN J  |  Shorts: NIQUE  |  T-Shirt: COTTON ON  |  Sunglasses: KAREN WALKER  |  Boots: BALENCIAGA

I am thinking New. New Wardrobe, Outlook, Goals... I am looking forward. The wondrous powers that two weeks of sun and watermelon can have on a guy. Give me sun and my eyes seem to open up. 

I have always liked the idea of chapters. That you can do some many things in your life, that we are not defined by one job, image or choice. That we have the choice to grow and freshen it up. Reaching for more, having that ambition to want... whatever that may be. It is a discovery and a constant one at that. I have used the word claustrophobic too many times this year and I am in the mood for a shake up. Though creature comforts stick like glue I am looking to do, see and be... more. I am having a Swan moment so it seems...   



photos: krystal

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