BLAZER: ASOS  |  SHORTS: ASOS  |  T-SHIRT: Cotton On  |  BELT: ASOS  |  LOAFERS: UNIF  |  CLUTCH: Givenchy  |  SUNGLASSES: Topshop

Age is merely a number, it has not merit towards maturity, status or expectation... 

I am another year older. (Hip hip hooray!!) Getting older doesn't seem to get to me, as long as I am making the most of the moment. Being all Free Spirited and staying true to myself. Feeding my hunger to do and see more... like that tattoo on my wrist says: L I V E. I find myself becoming more minimalistic. Maybe it is the hot Summery weather or simply the fact that I am wanting to start a fresh but everything is changing through my eyes. Cleaner shapes, subdued tones and prints. A sign of visual maturity? Maybe. Trying new things and seeing the brilliance in the old. Daring to play with the classics and without ripping out its soul. My eyes are open more than ever. 


photos: yvonne

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