I feel like a catch up is in order...

This year is about to hit its middle and I feel like I have yet to share all things new and exciting that have happened or are planned to occur in the near future. I guess it is the sheer result of living... that thing tattooed on my left wrist, ensuring that I try to experience and do the most to make me happy. And for that I have forgotten to check in with the Blog. But now whilst I have a spare few hours of clarity before another day begins I thought I would take the time to share.

Recently I have been go go go. After years of travelling overseas to stock up on much needed basics H&M finally opened it's doors in Melbourne. Having a fair bit of H&M in my wardrobe (and countless pieces collected from their various designer collaborations) it came as a great delight when Melbourne's GPO building was announced as the building to house all things H&M. Lucky enough to score an invitation to the VIP Opening Party before the manic shopping frenzy that would occur when it opened to the public I was able to explore the multilevel store stocked head to toe in the H&M Lifestyle. Mens and Women, Kids and even H&M Home. Musical Guests HAIM as well as the who's who of Melbourne and Sydney attended the lavish event. 

Cue two hours of sleep later after a long procrastinating packing session I boarded a plane to Sydney to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This being my third year attending I was excited to attend the Menswear Runways, Shoot Street Style, catch up with Friends and maybe even take a break and enjoy being away from Home. My biggest challenge this year was my wardrobe. How to pack, what to wear and the big question of whether booking 25kg was enough to sustain my wardrobe and endless amounts of shoe options. Around two months ago I moved out of home and now I am living the adult life... (you know paying bills and what not) So no longer having the ability to fully fund a new wardrobe like last year I put on my thrifty cap and got creative. Working with the notion that Style is not about the label, its all about the image regardless of where the pieces come from.   

A much quieter year. With a five day schedule (though one day only included one runway) MBFWA still pulled a wide audience from local to international press, bloggers and celebrity alike. Having thankfully secured invitations to Menswear Runways I was keen to suss out how Menswear would fair this year. My definite runway highlight was the closing Song for the Mute show. Dynamic and Strong looks coupled with a thumping soundtrack that even the seats vibrated as the show took place. The rain did not stop colourful looks on both the Runway and outside with Street Style. I even managed to draw out what little colour I have in my wardrobe to freshen my look. I find that every year I go to MBFWA that I learn a little bit more about the industry, blogging and myself. I can remember my first Fashion Week and now novice I was, and now to see new bloggers attend and to even realise how far I have come is pretty interesting to say the least. 

It was a fast paced week of Shows, Sushi, Street Style and Sunglasses Galore.  I have a lot of footage to go through from Runways, Street Style and Video to filter through and hopefully edit and post them in a timely manner. Though until then I hope I have you caught up with what has gone on in the past few weeks. Remember to follow my Instagram and Twitter at @martanmain for my latest up to date posts!

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