SUIT: Asos  .  SHIRT: Asos  .  KNIT: Zara  .  LOAFERS: Unif  .  HAT: H&M  .  CLUTCH: Alexander Wang  .  SUNGLASSES: Asos  .  PHONE CASE: Candies Gifts

Every once and a while I jump off into unknown and attempt a FCL... a Full Coloured Look. For my second outfit for MBFWA I went into the blue. Powder Blue to be exact, with a few catty details to match. From my experiences with wearing FCLs I have come to conclusion that you have to collect an array of complementing pieces. Matching hues and something plain to tie it all together. It definitely helps when you favourite shoe is produced in various colours to suit any occasion. I am now having an affair with whites and blues.

photos: Connie

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