For over 75 years the Singaporean Tiger Beer has been one of the most popular and best tasting beers available to over 60 countries worldwide. Now they are planning to shake things up. Thinking out of the box... or well cage for this instance. For Tiger Beer it is all about being #Uncage

"Uncage is all about following your own path, having the courage to pursue your own passion and living the way you want to"

In line with this new idea Tiger Beer wants to share everyone's caged and uncage story. Like the video above of Charlie Ruedpokanon, an average businessman turned Stuntman. He chose to follow his dreams and passion, disregarding the society's norm. Tiger Beer is celebrating everyone's ability to live out of the cage with this new social campaign. 

The desire to be different and stand out from the crowd has always been a known characteristic of mine. Having grown up with the youthful desire to fit in and 'be and look normal' it took time to muster the confidence to be who I want to be. Whether it be what I Wear, my Career choices or even my Hair Colour I choose to live out loud and creatively. Expressing my desires and ultimately create an image which I am proud of and that illustrates my true self. 

From a shy Black haired boy who kept his creativity on the inside to a Blonde (newly grey) haired guy who wears his creativity with pride and Happiness. 
#uncage life.

this post was sponsored by Tiger Beer - but all thoughts are my own

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