M O N T B L A N C - V I P - C H R I S T M A S - E V E N T

It is that time of the year.  That last stretch of hard work before the Holidays, The growing Shopping List and the end of another long Year.  The best thing about this time is enjoying the wind down. Taking the time to reflect and celebrate the year, the moments and the promise of what's to come. 

Montblanc held a VIP Christmas Party at their Melbourne Boutique last week showcasing their latest pieces just in time for the Holiday Season. The night highlighted two new brand developments, firstly their new 'Extreme Leather' which is heat, water and wear resistant as well as their new partnership with tech giant Samsung creating Luxury Phone Cases and Stylus Pens which dramatically enhances the average smartphone experience. I spent a fair chunk of my night mucking around with the Samsung Galaxy 4s and matching Pens available for testing. The Montblanc E-Starwalker Pen writes with such accuracy and the feel is as if you are committing the pen to paper, it is a definite must for anyone who enjoys using a tablet or phone stylus. In regards to the leather, the new Extreme Leather Rucksack takes my eye... the leather is treated so that it has a woven effect to it, think Bottega Veneta but in Leather (my dreamy moment begins) Be sure to visit a Montblanc Boutique to see the new Samsung and Extreme Collections as well as their current catalogue of Leather, Watches and of course their famous Pens.  

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