I have been absent - My apologises

I would like to say that it is because of sheer laziness or dissatisfaction with blogging - but it is not the case.
To cut a long story short sometimes life throws you curveballs and you simply have to work with. 
Being notoriously independent and stubborn I slowly have come to terms with the reality that we all require 
a little help and assistance when it comes to the greater issues of life. It is not that I am afraid to ask, 
instead it is a fear of becoming a burden or receiving unnecessary attention when it is not earnt or due.

One would suggest that time off is an ideal situation. To take a break and to detach yourself from it all. 
Recharge to hopefully rise up and assume normality. It drove me insane quite frankly.
I missed and nearly lost my sense of self. Having wrapped myself away from it all, trying to protect myself.
Though arguably you should never fight until you know what you are fighting against I have learnt to try and 
at least try to push forward. That the Highs and Lows of life must be equally appreciated and you must always 
try to stay true to who you are because that is what has to be protected.

I took these photos a while back and never had the time or energy to post them, until now.
This is more than just the clothes I wear or how my hair looks, this is me in a moment - my life.
Though this post may come off slightly darker than normal, I thought it seemed fitting and true to form to divulge 
and take the risk like wearing that Uniqlo skirt than to carry on like nothing ever happened. Learning is a lifelong
task. And there is always so much more to learn.   


photos: yvonne

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