turtleneck: ZARA  .  trousers: ASOS  .  boots: RM WILLIAMS  .  watch: MONTBLANC

The struggle is Real...

Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing what is really true is another story. Maybe this is simply a part of life that I am only starting to realise, or maybe the landscape which we have grown into. The idea of self satisfaction is hard to float in a world where instant is too slow and influence is a carbon copy template waiting to be filled out. It is hard to stray, to carve a new path as the unfamiliar isn't trendy or desired by all. Furthermore the genuine nature of 'the moment' is now a subjective equation of context and at times how many drinks that were consumed. Having already tried to please every face seen, I now seek self satisfaction. Without malicious intent, instead I seek to be the most authentic person I can be. Reflecting truth and desire that comes from my core and not from what is deemed 'ideal'. I don't want to hear what I want to hear, I want to hear an opinion. I want to see an alternative to my thoughts, to be challenged. I want to believe in a possibility and see it through into a reality. Anything can appear genuine with the right PR strategy. I want the real struggle.

photos: Connie

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