pyjamas: COS  .  sunglasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE  .  slippers: GUCCI

In a world filled with influence and the need to please, it can be quite tough to suss out what is really worth sticking with. That genuine desire rather than the subliminal conditioning that comes with routine and or bad habits. Recently this has been playing on my mind, whether it be with relationships, morals to with my local pizza delivery. What makes one Loyal? Quite the conundrum, whether you realise it or not. Every decision is tied to some form of loyalty based on convenience, value and or return. Personally loyalty isn't something which should ever been taken for granted or expected from the get go. In the pursuit of what's new and trendy it can be quite easy to get lost within it all, forgetting loyalty or even worse prolong an unnecessary loyalty in hopes of sustaining something toxic whether be a relationship or a term in time. There is no right or wrong, with context and justification everything finds its way to be explained. For me it is the sheer awareness. You never want to be in a situation where you find yourself being loyal to an idea which will never offer any return. Loyalty is a strong commodity like your voice... I may not always wear pyjamas in public, however I am loyal to the fact that I always wear things I am intrigued by. 

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