sunglasses: COTTON ON (similar) - tshirt: UNIQLO x KEITH HARING (similar)
 shorts: DIY - backpack: ZARA (similar) 

I am strategic, but I do not tend to make many life plans. Don't get me wrong when it comes to decisions I can cut it with a knife however when it comes to forward planning for myself I hear crickets. I have learnt that life can take the wheel, so your expectations and plans can sometimes not turn out the way you want it. As a result, entering my adulthood I feel like I got on the automatic treadmill without a specific map or direction. Now nearing the end of my 20's (gasp) the idea of planning now seems more of a smart requirement than a chore. I definitely want to avoid having that 20 years later turn around and be like 'what happened?!' 

How do you plan? Whether personal/professional/friends/family etc... I can strategically plan business in a hot second, but now my new challenge is myself. Trying to live presently, forward planning can lead to disappointment, but on the flip side without it, there's a lack of direction. I'm challenging myself to risk disappointment to have ownership of this wheel.

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